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By Julie Fellows

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When people diet or go on a mission to get super-fit, they tend to concentrate on either dieting or completely smashing it at the gym. The problem is that this kind of approach leads to imbalance. Starvation diets are common and they generally fail in terms of reaching goals. The key to getting fit, losing weight (or rather losing fat), or getting slim and toned is all about balance. It is vital that everything you do is balanced. Your diet needs to be healthy and 'balanced'. Your training schedule needs to be varied and 'balanced'. Your sleep cycle needs to be 'balanced'. Your hydration needs to be 'balanced'. Everything needs to be 'balanced'. Do you see the pattern?

One of the most common things that people overlook is the power of water. It is common knowledge that the human body is largely composed of water, but yet we all seem to overlook the importance of keeping hydrated. Instead we tend to focus on fad diets or extreme training regimes and completely bypass natures greatest gift for the human body.

There are of course many diets that will help you shred fat but clean living and cleaning eating is far more sustainable. It is also important to build the muscle up first before shredding the fat if you want that six pack to show in all its glory. It is also vital to remember to "lose fat" not "lose weight". Muscle weighs far more than fat and the scales can be incredibly misleading, so ignore them! If you want to measure your progress then use a tape measure! In today's world, fitness is far more important than weight.


Water offers many benefits to the human body, these include:

  • Water reduces weight - it's a calorie free liquid that suppresses the appetite
  • Water boosts your immune system
  • Water keeps you hydrated and reduces the signs of aging
  • Water literally lubricates your muscles during training
  • Water helps with skin disorders and helps maintain clear skin
  • Water increases energy levels and brain power
  • Water aids the detox process of the body
  • Water relieves headaches
  • Water increases your metabolic rate

The list continues but this gives a powerful insight into the power of water.


The easiest and simplest way to maintain the bodies hydration and support all of the points listed above is to ensure that you drink at least 9-13 cups (2-3 liters) of water a day. You can get two-liter bottles and mark 2 hour time slots on them so that you ensure that you are consuming a regular amount of water every day - after all it's all about balance!

Drinking regular amounts of water will also help you when you are training too. Whether it be cardiovascular training or weight training, being fully hydrated will aid your work out and make a big difference to how hard you work during your training sessions and also make a difference to your recovery time. Water acts as a lubricant for your joints and muscles and it really is your bodies best friend. It is common knowledge that strength training has many benefits but if you add water it will be even more effective.


Balance and moderation is absolutely key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking enough water is a vital part of any balanced, healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, however, we humans stagger off the straight and narrow and people can end up forgetting the rules of moderation. There is a whole host of reasons why people stray from clean and healthy living. More than a third of teens turn to alcohol and drugs and even more avoid healthy and balanced lifestyles as an everyday occurrence. America today has many social problems which range from narcotics to obesity but it is important to remember that there is support for overcoming addiction available to assist you (or your loved ones) back on to the road of recovery. No matter how often or how far we stray from the healthy balanced lifestyle that our bodies crave, it is important to remember that there is always a return ticket. We can always get our lives back on track. Our bodies crave a healthy balance in so many areas of life; from training, to diet, to sleep, to water, to work, to play and more. Balance is crucial.


The most important thing that we need to balance though, regardless of our goals or intentions, is our hydration. A decent supply of fresh water will support our bodies in everything we wish to achieve. It helps to keep us energized and alert, it helps to balance our hormones and our moods. It helps us to achieve physical fitness and size goals also. It also benefits us in terms of our motivation and ability to think well and plan well. A balanced body supports a balanced mind and a balanced mind with a bit of focus and a glass of calorie free water is capable of achieving anything that it sets its mind too! So lets raise a glass of water to your successes!