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Online Bodybuilding & Fitness Contests

Are you wanting some extra incentive to workout and get into good shape? If so, a fitness or bodybuilding contest may provide the extra motivation you need to reach your fitness and health goals.

My favorite place to find online bodybuilding contests is at At various times of the year they offer online fitness contests where you can win cash prizes as well as other prizes. In January, they usually offer a 12 week challenge in which you can win up to 50,000 cash! During the rest of the year, they typically offer various fitness challenges with smaller prizes. You have to check their site periodically to see when a new challenge is coming up.

The fitness challenges are free to enter. They are usually sponsored by a supplement company, but no purchase is required. Their contests are open to both males and females.

To enter a current contest on their site, just fill out the registration form and then you are required to upload your "before" photos, usually holding a newspaper with that day's date or holding a sign with a hashtag on it (which will be specified on the registration form when you enter).

At the end of the contest you are usually required to write an essay about how you achieved your fitness goals and then you have to upload your "after" photos (taken in the same manner as your before photos). It is all pretty easy (except for the working out you have to do in order to win). Just follow the instructions given on their registration page for each contest you enter. Click here to visit their fitness challenge page. Depending on when you go to this page you might need to click on the link that says next challenge to find the next contest.

For some extra motivation watch this You Tube video created by a previous contest winner on

Body for Life / EAS Challenge

Another online fitness contest is offered by Body for Life and EAS. This is a 12 week fitness challenge and is offered 4 times a year, however, you can start the challenge at any time.

Currently the prize for the winner is $5,000 cash, plus a home gym worth $7,000. You must take a before and after picture and I believe you also have to write an essay and answer some other questions on their online form.

It is free to enter, but they do require that you use at least one EAS product during the contest. I use the EAS whey protein and it is pretty good. If you are a winner, they reimburse you for any EAS products that you used during the contest. Their contests are open to both males and females.

For more information and to sign up, please visit their site: Body for Life Challenge.

Great Motivators!

These fitness challenges are highly motivating and you could possibly even win prizes. However, even if you aren't a prize winner if you end up in better shape as a result of entering these contests you are still a winner!

I always enter these contests and I can't wait for the next contest to start. At the time of this writing the next challenge is the 250 Thousand Dollar challege sponsored by Dymatize. I'm not sure at this point how the money is broken up for the winners. You'll have to visit their site to determine this.

As I find more online fitness contests I'll publish them here.