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Does The Facial Flex Face Exerciser Really Work?

If we live long enough we all get older. We all want to keep our youthful appearance as we age. No one wants to look old.

Regular exercise and a proper diet can help us to age more gracefully, but what can be done about a person's aging face?

The good news is that your facial muscles will respond to exercise in the same way the other muscles in your body respond to it.

As people age, collagen production slows down, there is a loss of muscle mass, and people even begin to lose bone. This happens everywhere in the body, including the face. This loss of muscle and bone causes the skin to sag and become wrinkled. By exercising the face it helps to prevent and even rebuild muscle and bone.

Keep in mind that your facial muscles are no different than any of the other muscles in your body. If you exercise them they will get stronger.

It is fairly easy to exercise most of your body parts, but exercising the face has been more difficult, at least until recently.

There are several books and videos available to help you perform facial exercises. These videos have been reviewed in another article on this site: Facial Exercises Video Review. In general, these exercises work to a limited degree.

Facial Flex Review

In May of 2008 I began using the Facial Flex exerciser to exercise my face. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this device please watch the following You Tube video about it. My review of the product follows after.

And yes, I'm aware that using this device does look a little ridiculous. However, this device does work. In my opinion, the Facial Flex gives better results in less time than doing other face exercises.

For example, face exercise videos and books typically have you performing the exercises for about 20-30 minutes a day. I don't spend more than two minutes a day using the Facial Flex and I noticed significant improvements in my facial muscles in only one month.

Will it make you look as if you are 18 again? It certainly won't. However, it will help to slim down your face if you need that and it is especially helpful for firming up the cheeks and a sagging neck, also sometimes called turkey neck.

Mine came from QVC and I'm not sure if it is still available through them, but there are other companies that sell these as of June 2018. For example, sells them - see the link below:

Tips For Making The Facial Flex Device Work More Effectively

1. Use the Proper Band Resistance

The Facial Flex works with resistance bands. It comes with two different levels of resistance bands: a pack of 6 oz. bands (less resistance) and a pack of 8 oz. bands (more resistance). There is also a 14 oz. resistance band available, but you must order these separately.

When I first got the Facial Flex I began using the device with the 6 oz. bands. It was ridiculously easy (although you may not find this to be so depending on how muscular your face is to begin with). In two days I switched to the 8 oz. bands. Still way too easy. I didn't even feel as if the device was working at all.

A couple of days later I decided to add a second 8, meaning that I had two of the 8 oz. bands on the Facial Flex device at one time. That seemed about right. I remained at this level for about a month and that is when I really started noticing a difference.

The device was working so well, that I decided to get the 14 oz. bands. I took off the two 8 oz. resistance bands and then put on one 14 oz. band. Way too easy. So then I tried putting on two 14 oz. bands. Way too hard.

What I ended up doing was putting on one 14 oz. band and one 8 oz. band. It was fairly difficult, but eventually I worked my way up to using two 14 oz. bands, which is the level I'm currently at.

The bands need to be replaced every so often. If you need more bands you can get them through

I think many people try the device using a band resistance that is too easy for them and then they don't see any results and so they quit using the Facial Flex device because they think it doesn't work.

You should use the resistance level that you are comfortable with. Don't make it too easy or you won't see any results, but don't make it so hard that you can't do the exercises.

Also, remember that you must change the bands every 7 days because they lose resistance over time. The Facial Flex device comes with several bands in each resistance pack.

2. Use the Device at Least Once a Day

Like any exercise, this only works if you actually do it on a regular basis. The Facial Flex manufacturers suggest that you use the device twice a day, but I've seen results using it only once a day. In any case, use it at least once a day and twice is best.

3. Use Your Facial Flex in Front of a Mirror

While you can perform these facial exercises anywhere it is best to use your Facial Flex in front of a mirror. That way you'll know for sure that you have the device in your mouth properly. I find that if I don't use a mirror that I tend to put it in my mouth a little crooked. In addition, by using a mirror you'll be able to see which muscles of your face are working when using the device.

Concluding Comments

Because everyone's face is shaped differently, I believe that the Facial Flex gives slightly different results depending on a person's facial structure and shape. A few people have reported an increase in the number of lines on their face after using the Facial Flex. While I haven't noticed this, I thought I should at least mention that some people have reported this.

Also, it seems that it usually works a little better on one side of the face. For example, I've noticed more improvement on the left side of my face than I have on the right. Although the average person wouldn't notice this when looking at me.

In general, the Facial Flex works best for a sagging neck and for slimming and shaping the cheeks than it does for removing wrinkles.