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10 Resources for Staying Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

Were you focused on going to the gym regularly before the COVID-19 pandemic, only to get thrown off track because your gym closed? Here’s the good news: You can stay safe and get back in shape by working out without the gym. You can look up workout tips and healthy living advice on the Official Fitness and Health website, and you’ll find inspiration for workouts that you can do at home or outside in these resources!

Working Out Indoors

  • Start a consistent home yoga practice to relax, improve your strength and flexibility, and boost your mood.
  • If you’re hoping to tone up, you can begin by doing bodyweight workouts and adjusting the reps for your fitness level.
  • Pilates will help you get your blood pumping and work on your core.

Exercising Outdoors

  • Want to stretch your legs on a sunny day? Go for a walk — it’s a great low-impact workout!
  • Whether you just want to start jogging or train for longer races one day, these guidelines will help you begin running.
  • Jumping rope isn’t just for kids. Try jump rope workouts in your backyard for cardio!

Getting the Right Gear

  • No matter what kind of workouts you prefer, you’ll need a supportive pair of sneakers.
  • A quality yoga mat is a good choice for lots of workouts — you can use it for stretching, bodyweight exercises, and more!
  • Want to feel like you’re at the gym without leaving home? You might want to purchase an exercise machine.
  • Before you go shopping, search for coupons from popular retailers like Nike

The pandemic does not have to put a stop to your workout routine. But if you don’t have access to a gym, you’ll probably have to modify your approach to staying fit. With these tips, you’ll have no shortage of home workout ideas!

Need helpful fitness advice for your home workouts? Check out the informative resources from Official Fitness and Health for your health and fitness questions.