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Your No-hype Guide to Women's Bodybuilding

Finally, a book that tells women HOW to build muscle and doesn't try to tell them they can't!

There are very few books on women's bodybuilding written by women - and even fewer of these are of high quality.

I rarely recommend products and books, but after reading Iron Dolls, an ebook by bodybuilder and fitness trainer Karen Sessions, I could hardly wait to share this with you. It was the best book on women's bodybuilding that I've ever read and if you follow her advice, you will see results.

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I learned a lot from Iron Dolls - a lot more than I expected to. For example, although I know a lot about nutrition and exercise, I didn't know how to best maximize my natural hormone levels to see the best fitness results.

About Iron Dolls:

Iron Dolls is about 400 pages of solid information on women's bodybuilding and fat loss. Not only does author Karen Sessions recommend the proper bodybuilding exercises, but she also discusses nutrition, including what you should eat, when, and how much. You'll finally find out the REAL amount of protein you need to eat to build muscle.

You'll also find supplement reviews In her book (and in more detail than I've ever seen before!). You'll learn what each supplement does, it's side effects and a recommendation on whether it is useful or not, as well as interactions that may occur by taking multiple supplements. One aspect of the book I really liked is that she mainly focuses on a natural bodybuilding approach, however, she does recommend some bodybuilding supplements as well.

The focus of her book is not only on muscle building, but on being healthy. She mainly focuses on natural bodybuilding via proper nutrition, rest, and exercise.

About Karen:

Karen has been involved in bodybuilding since 1988 and has the body to prove that she knows her stuff. She has been featured on well-known sites, such as, and is known as Ms Fit in the bodybuilding community. She has won numerous fitness and bodybuilding contests.

Before and After Photos:

In her book, you'll see lots of before and after pictures of people that have followed her program. Most likely, you could also see such a change in yourself by following her program. However, her program isn't some hyped-up version of how to build muscle and lose fat with no work. She gives you sound bodybuilding and nutrition principles and advice, but that doens't mean that it is easy. Change never is.

Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Myths Revealed:

Karen debunks a lot of commons bodybuilding and fat loss myths that are frequently thought of as "facts," surrounding bodybuilding in general, and especially in women's bodybuilding.

I found her book very easy to read, and often quite humorous at times (especially when debunking bodybuilding myths). I found Iron Dolls to be very motivational for wanting to get into shape. Karen explains why this is so important and I really felt like working out and eating right after I read her book. I have incorporated some of the bodybuilding principles I read in her book into my own exercise and nutrition program.

Her book is geared toward women, but will work for anyone.

If you buy only one bodybuilding book make it this one.

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